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Aug 20, 2014  · All Quiet On The Western Front study notes From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, these sites can answer every possible question about the book and it’s background.

Sample answer: It’s hard to understand what war is really like, but "All Quiet on the Western Front" gives a very bleak picture of the reality of war and the harsh effects it can have on soldiers. You need to be a member to access free printables.

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Introduction. In 1930 an American film company, Universal Pictures, adapted All Quiet on the Western Front to the screen; both the film and its director, Lewis Milestone, won Academy Awards. When the film opened in Berlin, Germany, Joseph Goebbels led a group of Hitler Youth in a violent demonstration.

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Study Tips: Audiobooks and studying on public transport;. Questions for All Quiet on the Western Front. Need more help? Read questions and answers from fellow students below. If you’re question hasn’t already been asked, ask it now. Report This +1. 0-1. 2 answers.

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Jun 18, 2010  · Answers. 4. Himmelstoss sensed a quiet defiance from them. 5. Two important things resulted from the training were comradeship and adaptation to the reality of war. 6. Franz believes he will die before he has a chance to go back home. 7.He tells Paul to give them to Muller. 8. Paul is seeing his own friend die a slow, painful death with 19 years of age.

The subject of All Quiet on the Western Frontis the worldwide conflict of 1914–1918, called then. aged by shellfire, raids, or rain. loading. The subject of All Quiet on the Western Frontis the worldwide conflict of 1914–1918, called then. aged by shellfire, raids, or rain.

All Quiet On The Western Front Study Guide Questions And Answers >>>CLICK HERE<<<. You may print the questions and answer them on that paper, or answer the questions All Quiet on the Western Front Thoughts on Theme Study Guide You may print the handout and write your answers on the sheet, or write your answers.

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All Quiet on the Western Front Summary of Chapters. Preamble. The novel is a classic tale of the kind of effects that are caused by war. People assume that if a soldier survives a war physically then mentally, they are also okay. This book works in a bid to dig deeper into the mental struggle of soldiers after the war. Chapter 1 to 4

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All Quiet on the Western Front Summary & Study Guide Description. All Quiet on the Western Front tells the story of Paul Baumer, a nineteen-year-old school graduate who, along with his entire class, enlists in the military to fight for Germany in World War I. Paul is both the narrator and the main character, and the book begins when Paul’s unit –Second Company –is at rest a few miles behind the front lines.

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